Zentox Pure Air Cold Storage Solution


Cold storage & repacking facilities, food banks, commercial kitchens, florists, quality control labs & clean rooms, or whatever the purpose, the Zentox Pure Air Cold Storage is truly the best way to conquer ethylene management and remove airborne mold, mildew, virus, and bacteria in large industrial facilities with a powerful airflow rate of 500 ft3/minute.

Experience longer shelf life, minimize cross-contamination, mitigate ethylene gas, and minimize returns. Zentox Pure Air destroys viruses, bacteria, mold & VOCs through its proprietary Photocatalytic Oxidation technology enhanced by its metalizing catalysts which molecularly destroy double-bonded carbons in VOCs like ethylene, without creating hazardous waste or emitting harmful peroxides or ozone.

Superior performance

Using titanium dioxide with a proprietary accelerant, the Zentox Pure Air Cold Storage Solution quickly destroys contaminants at the molecular level- rendering them inert and harmless.


  • California Air Resources Board for meeting ozone emissions safety standards.
  • ETL & CSA certifications for electrical safety


Save on electricity bills and support our cause to preserve the environment using Zentox Pure Air systems.

Sturdy build

With a zero-plastic build, you get as high as 7-10 years of reliable performance from your units.

Money-back guarantee

Don’t love it?
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

Contact Our Experts

Call us for more detailed information on calculating room sizes and efficiencies for your primary contaminants of concern.

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Air purification, the convenient way

The Zentox Pure Air 500CS is built to give you an easy fix, right from the opening of the box.

  • Easy to set up: They do not have a ton of buttons or features you need to navigate. Just turn them on and set the continuously variable air flow to the desired level.
  • Low replacement costs: Up to a year without needing replacements of any kind.
  • Maintenance plan: Service kits delivered straight to your doorstep, 10% off the list price.


Increase productivity, increase ROI

With discovered side effects of bad indoor quality air ranging from lack of concentration to headaches and fatigue, getting pure air in your working space is just as important to to your workforce as it is to your business.

Boost employee performance and in effect, productivity when you fortify your air against impurities.


No Risks, Only Guarantees

For over a decade, we have served our community of clean air enthusiasts in hospitals, greenhouses, office spaces, schools, churches, and homes. It’s 10+ years of commitment to customers who have trusted the process, and love the results from using their units. And if you don’t love yours when you get it, you have a 30-day 100% moneyback guarantee


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 44 in

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Zero use
of plastic


Destroy pathogens as tiny as 0.0001 microns




CARB-Approved for Ozone emission safety standards