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Zentox Pure Air 200 Service Kit

As we enter into a period of uncertainty with the current pandemic, we thought it prudent to remind our customers that Zentox recommends annual replacement of the catalytic reaction module and UV lamps. Annual service kits will keep your Zentox Pure Air units running like new with optimal efficiency.

Please keep in mind that Zentox Pure Air systems will destroy even the smallest of microbes. Zentox Pure Air ultimately breaks down viruses, bacteria, and mold into harmless amounts of carbon dioxide, water, and minuscule trace elements. This is just one of the reasons to keep your unit in tip top condition.

  • Zentox Pure Air Catalytic Reaction Modules contains fumed titanium dioxide nanoparticles and a proprietary mix of novel catalysts, embedded in a fibrous glass media for increased efficiency
  • Zentox Pure Air UV lamps are tuned for optimal UV wavelength providing superior performance


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