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We specialize in the design, build and operation of environmentally responsible water treatment and air purification systems.

Ozone Systems

Clean Streams™ Ozone Systems for Cooling Towers provide a stand-alone, continuous and automated water treatment system for evaporative cooling water systems.

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Ozone keeps heat transfer surfaces free of biofilm and allows higher system cycling without the use of chemicals, resulting in significant water savings.

Scale and deposits are controlled by preventing biofilm development on surfaces, thereby preventing formation and accumulation of scale or deposits.

Corrosion is controlled by cycling the water’s natural mineral content to a level that is outside the corrosive range.




Ozone is a powerful biocide that kills all microorganisms through oxidation. Ozone destroys microorganisms leaving no chance for them to develop an immunity that often occurs with chemical biocides.



Ozone treated cooling systems are noted for the clarity and low bacteria counts of the recirculating water. In a typical ozone treated system, bacteria counts are less than 100 per ml, and often non-detectable.



The superior disinfection power of ozone prevents biofilm growth and provides protection against pathogenic organisms like Legionella pneumophilia, the causative agent of Legionnaire’s disease that is often traced to contaminated cooling water systems.



Benefits of Clean Streams™

  • Eliminates Chemicals – No spills, no drums to handle or dispose
  • Automated System – Provides full time treatment and simplifies operation
  • Lowers Operating Cost – Lowers water usage and improves heat transfer
  • Makes Workplace Safer – No chemical exposure
  • Blowdown Contains No Hazardous Chemicals – Can avoid discharge to sewer and makes alternative uses, such as irrigation, possible
  • Saves Water – Operate system at higher cycles of concentration
  • Reduces Tower Maintenance – Fewer cleanouts required


Clean Streams™ is GreenSpec®


Clean Streams™ Ozone Systems for Cooling towers is listed in GreenSpec®. GreenSpec® is a directory of products that have been reviewed and deemed to be environmentally friendly. Clean Streams™ has been listed because of its water and energy savings capabilities and contributes to LEED™ credits. To learn more about GreenSpec®, follow this link. www.buildinggreen.com